Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies of 2015

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2015 had an array of movies to show to the public, some of which were one of the most popular sci fi movies in decades. Since January, no other genre has had more revenue generated in box office than the sci fi category. Here are a few of the most popular science fiction movies in 2015, along with a few details on their story line.

Avengers, Age of Ultron

A movie that already had a huge number of people was waiting for since the last year, it was no surprise to see a huge crowd outside the cinemas for several days after the release. Avengers, Age of Ultron is a sequel to the marvel’s hit movie Avengers.

The story outlines how a group of superheroes team up to defeat the ever growing forces of the rogue robot program, Ultron, originally created by tony stark, while having to fight their own personal selves, due to the trauma caused by one of the side villains in the movie. The final fight is a big standoff (obviously) between ultron and all of the avengers. The film is a mixture of action, humor and romance as well.

Mad Max


The story of a survivor, mad max (tom hardy) who lives in a post nuclear holocaust period is captured by the war boys, who are at war over gasoline from many other gangs patrolling the area. Max is sent to joe, the leader of war boys and the controller of the only reserve of water in the area, who then sends his lieutenant furiousa to collect gasoline for the citadel, and max mistakenly gets sent along with one of the war boys, and from there the adventure begins.

Jurassic World

In a small land somewhere along the coasts of costa rica, a luxury resort is created where the owners had hired experts to create genetically mutated dinosaurs.

The whole thing blows when one of the dinosaurs escapes from their habitats, which causes the other dinosaurs to wreak havoc as well. Now all that remains is that a former military personnel (chris pratt) shows up and tries to save the people on the island in any way possible.

The Martian


Man has finally landed on mars, and the stories that were once only seen in sci fi comics have come to the screens as well. However, when the group of astronauts decide to retreat back home, they leave behind one of their team members (Matt Damon) who presumably died because of a storm. He now has to make it on his own using limited supplies, and meanwhile when his team find out that he is still alive, they must hatch up a plan to somehow save him.


In a faraway world where robot police controls the order, a police robot is captured and reprogrammed so that he can feel the world around him and to think as a human as well. Seeing how this may be a danger sign for the authorities, they go on a quest to ensure that chappie never sees the light of the day.

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