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Brace yourselves, fasten your seat belts, as you are about to embark on a journey unlike any other. We bring to you one of the hottest trends in all things sci fi. We bring to you one of the largest blogs dedicated to nothing but science fiction. So gear up, grab all your supplies and move out!

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This blog was created by a small group of people, with the aim of offering the public the latest in most popular sci fi movies, comics as well as the writers and directors. We also aim to offer the public several different avenues where they can explore the world of sci fi comics. We have a section for free sci fi ecomics, so if you have a craving for some si fi action, then this is the place to be.

For those of you who are new to this blog, and more generally, new to the term sci fi, we can give you a short tour. Imagine how when you were little, you always dreamed of doing something big, something out of the ordinary, something completely illogical and something that defies the laws of science, like perhaps going on an intergalactic mission to find another planet, or maybe fighting a swarm of aliens trying to destroy earth, well this is the genre that brings all those things to the real world (well, to screen anyways). All your childhood dreams that you never would have thought possible are concentrated into one movie.

Millions of sci fi writers each year try to create a new piece of innovation, and many times, they fail, so this is not just a genre, it is basically the most difficult genre in the business. So, for this reason, we are here to help you produce one of the best writings, by giving you helpful tips and suggestions on how to make your content more readable and worthy of publish. We are not just a group of any people, we are a group of professional sci fi writers who have now decided to teach other amateur and professional sci fi writers on how to write good content every time

Our blog also has an option for the latest news, and the trending today in sci fi. This would include any latest editions of sci fi comics, some of which may be available for download on our website, as well as the upcoming comics and movies. The news would also bring about the latest on any of the films that have just been released, their reviews and their ratings, as well as any film that is currently under production, the latest on their actors, spoilers, roles, and trailers.

We believe that nothing is perfect, and same goes for our blog. We are always looking for any suggestions, comments or even any complaints that you may have about us. Please do let us know, we would be more than happy to find out. After all the blog is only here for the public, and if there is anything that you want on it, then it is our duty to bring it to you.