5. Can I join you as an editor of this blog?

We are always looking for more enthusiastic people who may join our blog as an editor or moderator. If you think you have what it takes to be a good editor of this blog, send us your content. Our team will carefully examine your work. If it passes, then we will offer you a post on our blog. Please note that we may take an initial interview before assignment of post, so be prepared!

4. Are there any products or services that you offer?

We offer free ecomics for all people who visit this website, as well as some paid ones. There are no restrictions to who can access those files. No login procedure, no nothing! If the ecomic is free, all you need to do is click on it and it will automatically download. If you require something else, such as a paid ebook, then all you need to do is go to the link, which will redirect you to the payment server. Then you login the details according to your payment method and the file will automatically start downloading.

3. How was this blog created?

Basically we were a bunch of writers working for different comic companies. One day we were given a task of producing a comic through mutual collaboration among the companies. We were introduced to each other and so we began to work on our projects. Time passed and our friendships grew closer. The comic we produced was also a big success, so we decided to create our very own blog with the aim of offering all that is to know in the world of sci fi

2. How can I improve my style of writing?

Writing style is improved quite easily. Since you always have to keep a standardized writing style for any genre, you can read as many sci fi comics as possible, and take note of the writing style there, how the writer has mentioned all the characters and brought them into notion one at a time. How he/she has addressed them and the use of language as well.

1. I want to promote my writing, can I do it here?

Promoting your writings on our blog may not be so beneficial, but there is something else you can do as well. You can send us your writing for inspection, along with a few details. We will check if the writings have potential, and if you do, we will offer you an avenue through which you can promote your latest comic. All sci fi writers deserve to have their content published, so what we are offering is that you give you comics to us and we will forward them to some of the largest comic companies around. If they like your content, we will contact you so that you can promote through there.