5 Ways to Improve Your Sci-Fi Plot Story as Writer


Writing a sci-fi story can be tough, but deciding the plot at the start is the toughest thing of them all. If the plot of the story is incomplete or not up to the mark, then the whole comic gets wasted. You may have noticed that the most popular sci-fi movies around always have a good plot. In order to write a good plot, one needs to keep a few things in mind. Here are 5 ways how you can improve your story plot as a sci-fi writer.

Go Into Clear Detail

Many times what we see in the movies is very concise, but we fail to realize that the actions of the actors seem to play the role of the script. In the comics, however, you need to input the actions in the form of words. You cannot just assume that the reader would imagine the character in his head as you do. You must make the audience imagine what you are imagining.

Point out every single action, every single detail as if the pictures were speaking to them. That is the only way you can make them feel the true essence of the story.

Make Use of Irrationality


People in real life try to play a rational role, but many times become much more stupid and do something risky and then instantly regret it. One must try to bring that irrationality to use in his/her novel. For example, if a character has been caught, make him/her act like he/she is present in real life, that is, instead of quickly moving on, make the character suffer, bring on the climax, make him/her feel suicidal, or sometimes make them commit suicide. It may be the only way to make your sci fi story packed with action and more interesting.

Stop Being Pretty

It is a sci-fi comic, not a pretty pony novel. Be sure to get your hands dirty and dark while writing about the villains and the fights. Bring in violence, blood, gore, everything you can to get the reader’s heart pumping.

That is what you want, for the reader to look more into the content, to find the adrenaline that you just gave him/her. Once the reader gets addicted to the story line, that is when you need to bring the climax, something really special, like a fight to the death.

Use Complex Vocabulary Only When Needed


You are writing a comic, not a novel. Only use complex words when you need to, otherwise make use of simple vocabulary, with the occasional long word in between. The point is to keep the reader attracted to your content, not get bored of the big words that he needs to check every time he goes across them.

Make Them Laugh, Make Them Cry

These two need to be in a sci-fi comic, or any comic for that matter. The reader would like to have the occasional dose of humor, as well as a dose of a tragic scene. Be sure to add both of them to your plot while writing your comic, it helps the reader gain interest in your comic.

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