5 Top Skills to Master Before Becoming a Sci-Fi Writer


Writing a story is never an easy task, and when it comes to writing science fiction content, then it is one of the most difficult talents to master. In order for one to become a good sci-fi writer, he/she must learn a few tricks and skills that are crucial. Here are the 5 top skills that one needs to master before they can become a sci-fi writer.



There is nothing more important in producing sci-fi stories than having a good imagination. One must let their imagination run wild if they ever want to write something even remotely related to Science fiction. One should think out of the box, think out of the ordinary, go beyond the bounds of physics and mental logic, and then only will you be able to have a mindset of a science fiction writer.

The whole point of science fiction is that the setup is fully inspired by imagination, and the people, the story, the fights, all of it resembles to something that many of us can never even think of. So if you need to build a good story for your sci-fi comics, then you should try to be as ambitious as possible.

Create a Crisis

A crisis is one of the most pivotal things in science fiction movies. The main aim of science fiction movies is to offer the people action, and once you create a major problem in your story line and back it up with some good climax, then you have got yourself a hit comic. For inspiration, you may want to watch some of the most popular sci-fi movies to get an idea on how to create a good crisis in a story. Be vary though, do not create a crisis that is similar to other already made comics or movies, otherwise you’ll not get your ratings any higher, as people will think you copied the story from elsewhere.


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Keep this in your head. Sci-fi content is pumped with action. Think huge explosions, cool laser fights, and people running around while the hero tries to save the earth from exploding. Make sure to put a good dose of action in your comic. Think of it as the skeletal structure of the story, once the skeleton is made, you can add in details to make it whole.

Learn How to Create a Climax

Obviously since it is an action based comic, one must know how to set the climax at the right time, and how to create anti climax as well. Both of them are crucial in a good story, no matter what the genre.

Mix With Other Genres As Well

One thing that also makes a good science fiction novel is the mixture of different genres. The story must not contain action all the time, a little hint of romance or comedy would also make the story more interesting.

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