5 Tips to Write the Best Sci-Fi Comic Books


Writing a comic book is never easy, and writing a sci-fi comic is probably one of the hardest of the lot. One needs to have a lot of skill to become a sci fi writer, and even then the chances of you having to create something good are very minimal, since there is a huge market for sci fi comic books and someone has already published something better. But how do you overcome that? How do you produce something that is so brilliant that everyone would want to read it? For that, you would have to read the rest of the article, because we will show you 5 tips to write the best sci fi comics.

Read, ALOT


There is no better way to get your imagination going than to read a lot of sci fi books. Take a whole bunch of them and start reading. Think about a way how you can improve the comic somehow, some way to merge two stories into one to create something completely unique. Once you start reading, you will realize that the ideas are automatically going to flow through your head. Be sure to regularly read a whole bunch of comics whenever you need an idea.

Avoid Research

Sci fi is all about going to the next level of imagination, beyond the bounds of science and logic, and if you try to meddle with that imaginative aura by doing research and trying to bring back the laws of physics into the comic, then it is destined to fail, miserably.

Try to keep on writing for as long as you can, and once you are done, you can edit whatever you may have written, but try not going into that if you don’t want your comic to burst into flames.

Working with a Professional

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This is for the amateurs especially. It is strongly recommended that you find a professional sci fi writer who has years of experience. That way you would have the opportunity to learn from him/her as well as a mentor who would inspect all your content and help you make it better all the time.

Stick to Your Plot

When you first get an idea, it is important that you stick with it. Having to wander about to places which have no connection with the main story line it does nothing but ruin the whole comic and it is frustrating for the reader as well. If you need to deviate from the main plot, make sure it connects to the story line in some way.


Make a rough draft before you start on your comic. Lay down the characters, the setup, the plot, the climax, the ending, the connections between all parts of the story, everything. Make sure you have everything worked out before starting on your masterpiece. Spontaneous writing may be good sometimes, but mostly ends up in a disaster when you are writing comic books.

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