5 Steps on How to Write the Best Selling Sci Fi Comic


As a sci fi writer, you try to produce the best content in the market. Having to do that is not easy though, because there are thousands of people who are trying to do the same thing. What you need is an edge, something that no other sci fi comic writer knows, which will make your comic stand out from the others, and who knows, maybe your comic would even be featured by some big movie production team and go on to become one of the most popular sci fi movies. Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are 5 simple guides on how to make your comic one of the greats



If you think you know what to write in the comic and want to start directly onto the real thing, then think again. Take some time to go beyond the idea, go to the details, how will you create the starting of the comic, how will you fill the middle, and the way you end is probably the most important thing to think about. Once you are clear with all these things, then it is time to move on to the real thing.

Make Awesome Characters

Obviously, for a good sci fi comic, you are going to need some characters, and for that, you need to first draw the outline of those characters before starting on the text. The characters should be drawn to perfection, just as you would like to imagine them.

Having to draw some character that has a different face in the starting page and a different one in the next one (due to incorrect drawing) does not only bring unprofessionalism to the table, but also is unattractive for the readers, as they feel that the writer can’t even draw the same character right.

Create a Catchy Title

One of the things which the readers are always attracted to are the titles of the comic. You need to bring in a good title, which should not only be related to the story, but also be catchy enough for the reader to be attracted to it. A good story would be nothing without a good title, as people usually judge a book by its cover (contrary to the saying we know) and they would rather pick a book that says star wars or star trek rather than something called pretty space.

A Good Plot


Always have a good plot for your comic. A good plot would mean the user would be more interested in the story, while a bad plot would easily bore the reader, and he would rather choose to buy something else.

End on a Cliffhanger

This is for those comic writers who want their comic to last several editions. Always end on a cliffhanger. The user would be curious to what would happen and would buy the next issue whenever it is available. If you end the comic without a cliffhanger, the readers would rather think that the story has ended and they won’t really be interested to buy the new issue.

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