5 Most Flopped Movies Since 2000


Over the years, there have been many films produced that have had the budget and have had the potential, but sadly did not have the story line to back it up, and hence ended in a total failure. One of the genres that were populated with the most amounts of flop movies included the sci-fi sector. Here are some of the movies since the past decade that have been a complete flop in the box office.

Matrix Reloaded


The Matrix had resulted in one of the more successful films in box office, but not much could be said about the sequels, reloaded and revolutions. The superhuman character made its name through the first movie, and although the story line was a mixture of mythological and awkward themes, the concept of the movie was quite easy to grasp, which is why it turned into a success. Not much could be said about the other two, whose story line was not just boring, but the creators made the movie excessively long. Quite disappointing.

Alien vs Predator


Alien vs predator had been known to produce successful comic strips as well as a few major video games in its time, but when the time came to put a show on the big screen, the movie turned out to be a huge disappointment. Although the initial story seemed to be somewhat interesting, showing how a predator was discovered in some ancient pyramid in the Antarctic, but the rest of the story was a complete failure. Moreover, turning the movie into PG-13 restricted the amount of gore and violence scenes, but it would not have mattered anyway, according to some critics.

Alien vs Predator 2

It is hard to imagine why the directors would make even the slightest effort to revive the series when the first one was so horrific. It just seemed to be a waste of money. The directors claimed that the movie sequel was going to be different than the previous one, since they had now edged the rating to R rather than pg -13, and guaranteed much more violence and gore.

However, this movie was an even greater failure, as the story line introduced another bizarre character breed, called the Predalien, pretty much the end of the franchise there. One can’t even imagine why they wasted so much money.

I Am Legend


To be fair, I Am Legend was not a bad movie by any means, but the amount of budget that was provided to the directors did not do justice to the novel on which the story was based upon. The starting was quite beautiful, as we saw New York City in the colors of nature, but the graphic designing on the dark seekers seemed to be quite sketchy.

The story line made a very good buildup, until the part where the dark seekers began to appear. Disturbing characters that would have been made better made the film quite disappointing in the end.

The Invasion

The invasion was a remake of one of the most popular sci-fi movies of all time, the body snatchers. Although many remakes were introduced in between 2007 and 1978, the last one seemed to be one too many. The invasion had a completely different, and to be fair, bizarre story line where a virus would control the people from within, instead of the classic pod people in the previous movies. The film not only destroyed the franchise, but also the box office, where it earned only 15 million, whereas the budget was over 80 million.

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